♥DIY Tutorial- Bridal Toss Bouquet using Empty TP Roll!♥

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If your on a Budget,
making your own Bridal accessorises is a great way to start saving Money!
Here is a DIY Project that not only is budget friendly, its also super Fun to do too!
Bridal Toss Bouquet
Another Empty TP roll Project!
If you Missed my first one click here!
The TP roll is the perfect size and shape for the Bouquet handle :)
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1. Start with your empty TP rolls
2.Push PT roll through foam oasis
3. Wrap Roll with your choice Ribbon
4. Put Hot glue all over inside of roll
5. Stuff with Paper towel paper
6. Arrange Flowers
7. Adorn with your choice of embellishments-
(You could get this pin at walmart for around $3 for 100 pins!)
{Also cover bottom with same color of ribbon so the paper doesn’t show! sorry forgot to take picture of that!}
and your done!

Remember my Damask wedding?
The maid of honor carried this bouquet.
I did the same process for this Beautiful arrangement!
can you believe these are silk flowers?!?!
I know some brides out there wouldn’t even consider a Silk Flower Bridal Bouquet..
But Hey!
If your on a budget and you could get AMAZING results like this Silk Bouquet the bride is holding.. why not!?!
Instead of an empty TP roll I used and empty Paper Towel Roll because its longer :)
You would have never known they were silk if i hadn’t of told you right! ;)
Hope you enjoyed!
Since I moved to WP this post was deleted, So I am adding on Here:
Nancy and Enrique {the sweetest couple you could ever meet!} came to me a month before their wedding asking for my help! They wanted a black and white theme wedding but everyone they talked to told them the only way to have a black and white wedding was with zebra print or with black table covers! Nancy really isn’t a zebra print type of girl or didn’t want her wedding look like a funeral so I assured her it would be nothing like that with my help :) So the next question i had to asked was what was their favorite color??… they both responded RED! I was SO happy because Black, White and Red look Amazing together!This is how a month of preparation and a budget of a $1000 for 60 guest turned out :)
Yes, i said $1000… this had to cover Tables, chairs, plates, flowers, favor and everything in between!!
I’ll tell you how i did it :)

They are the biggest fans of the Simpson’s!! They HAD to have their Marge and Homer Cake Topper

These were the Favors I made for them.. They wanted to share their favorite cookie with their guest…White Chocolate chunk with macadamia nuts!! OMG they are SO GOOD! The black plates i used are appetizer plates i got from http://www.partyamerica.com/

Then i got the most fanciest tape i have ever seen from http://www.tapeswell.com/ I LOVE this stuff!! To get the white background i just taped the Damask print tape on regular white card stock and just cut along the each side.. i used double sided tape to adhere everything in the back side of the plate. For the emblem in the middle i used a 2″ oval punch i purchased at Michael’s and a Martha Stewart fleur-de-lis punch and some blood red scrap booking paper that was on sale at Michael’s..don’t you just love that place! Also the plastic cookie bags and the extra thin red ribbon were purchased there.

I made a book mark for every guest to take home with the same Damask tape and hot glued the fleur-de-lis on the fork :)
These awesome stylish black plastic plates were from
http://www.smartyhadaparty.com/ They shipped everything so fast!! i will defiantly used them again :) Oh and the white napkin was purchased at the dollar tree ..20 in a pack for 99cents!

The Red fleur-de-lis Just gives the plain black fork so much drama!

{Use a hot glue gun}
Next i made her maid of honor’s bouquet… now take in consideration that i had to be very resourceful with my budget so don’t get to mad at me when i say that i got these beautiful black magic roses at Michael’s on clearance for $3.99!! ..they were originally priced $12.99 for the bunch.. i forgot to take a picture of how they came originally sorry! But i just cut each flower with metal pliers and for the base.. now don’t laugh ;) i used the inside cardboard of and empty paper towel roll !! cut it to the size i wanted then just put some green floral oasis sponge inside and wrapped it with red ribbon and of course added the middle emblem :) Now tell me that doesn’t look chic!!
you don’t have to spend and arm and a leg to get fancy out comes :)

Glass cylinder was purchased at


This was the bride’s bouquet.. i did the same thing as i did for the maid of honor’s bouquet but just made the base longer and used way more silk flowers.. oh and i put push pins with a Decorative Ends in the middle of each rose to give it an added sparkle!

This is the example table setting i put together at my apartment for the bride to see a couple of days before the wedding.. i didn’t use the damask round paper at the actual wedding…
This a nice DIY craft to use as centerpieces if you made a lot of these bouquets with the glass cylinder for your own wedding!

Two days before the wedding i went to the

www.inlandwholesaleflowers.com/ in San Bernardino to purchase the flowers and for the glass containers i went to http://www.fss.com/index.php in San bernardino.. For the 12 containers and all these flowers it was less than $130 :) Putting a little elbow grease and arranging the flowers your self really pays off!!

If they’re happy…I’m happy!

Hope you liked it too!
For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory
Deuteronomy 20:4

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