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Hi Friends

My name is Malia my blog is called Yesterday on Tuesday. I enjoy crafting and cooking… and writing about it! I am a BIG fan of Free Pretty Things for You and of Miss Keren… so when she asked me to do a little guest posting I was thrilled.


I adore Keren’s vintage graphics and with Christmas coming up, I thought it would be fun to make a homemade Peppermint Scrub gift using some of the darling clip art from FPTFY.


Supplies: A widemouthed glass container, Epsom Salt, grapeseed oil, and peppermint oil, a craft stick or bamboo spoon, small rubber stamps and black Stayz-Oz ink.


You can find these fun Vintage Reindeer printables in red or green here.

Grab a rectangle for a label and a circle for the lid.

To make the scrub, mix the following ingredients:


 3 1/2 cups Epsom Salt

1 cup grapeseed oil

30+ drops of peppermint essential oil


PS2Place the Epsom salt in a bowl and mix with grapeseed oil, making sure it’s saturated but not oversaturated with the grapeseed oil.

PS3Scent with essential oil

PS4Stamp “Peppermint Scrub” on the cute rectangle label, “For You” on the circle, and the phrase “Ho Ho Ho” on the craft stick or spoon.

You can also use leftover scrapbook paper. I punched circles from some happy holiday paper and added the reindeer circle on top. To make the ruffle I sewed some crepe paper together. Double sided tape works well to affix the papers to the jar.


PS8Just add a bow and maybe a jingle bell for fun.

PS9There’s a little holiday gift cheer! Thanks to Keren and FPTFY for the a-deer-able graphics.




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  1. Renee says:

    So very cute. This is what happens when Keren gifts us with amazing graphics….smiles…Renee

  2. evelyn says:

    Thanks for sharing! This is perfect for as a Christmas Gift! Love it, i can almost smell it :)

  3. RubyJeans says:

    Oh I bet that smells absolutely WONDERFUL!! what a wonderful Gift Away… Simple, Easy and Adorable a Great combination… Thanks for sharing

  4. malia says:

    Thanks for letting me “come over” to your blog today, keren! xo

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this adorable tutorial! This is a great Christmas gift! ♥

  6. oh Malia…i am getting whiffs of yummy peppermint through the screen!!!!! this is just such a wonderful tutorial and the graphics — well they are picture perfect as always!!!! : ) thank you for sharing with us all…this is on the MUST DO LIST for me!!! hugs…

  7. aimee says:

    Thanks for sharing this cute tutorial i love it xx

  8. Kim says:

    I have some leftover soap supplies and I’d love to use some of them up with this recipe. I don’t have grapeseed oil but I have several others like almond and sunflower. If I substituted for the grapeseed oil what might you recommend?

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