♥ Blog Tutorial: Guest Blogger – How to Add Decorative Tape Strips on Photos! ♥

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How do I add those cute tape strips on my photos, WITHOUT having fancy a program like Photoshop??
I have been asked this time and time again…

Well…I am THRILLED to tell you, HERE’S HOW!!! :)
A Step By Step Tutorial just for  you!

I leave you in the best hands!
She is a Total Blog GURU, and I can assure you, you will Love EVERYTHING she has to offer in her AMAZING Blog!

Take it away My Dear!!!


Hi Gals!

I am so excited that Keren asked me to post on her blog.
What a privilege!
Let me quickly introduce myself…. My name is Carolynn, and I am the creator of Makin’ Cute Blogs, the
place for everything you need to know for DIY Blog Design.

Keren asked me to show you how to use Andrea’s cute Tape Strips Freebie on your images. I am also going
to show your how to add a vintage touch to your photos. Don’t worry, it is easy and fun. This is
the finished product (yes, my silly daughter never takes a normal smiling photo, she thinks that
she has to always pull a funny face!):


We are going to use a FREE online software (no download or registration required). The program is

If you want to add vintage effects to your photo, then start here, but if you like the photo the
way it is, skip to Step #2.
Step #1: Add Vintage Effects to your photo using Pixlr-O-Matic.
Go to pixlr.com and click on “Retro Vintage Effects” to get into Pixlr-O-Matic.


I had my daughter do the Webcam image, but you can upload any pic from your computer too.

This is what our pic looked like before we made any changes…

I picked the following options as the program took me through each of three steps…


Then I saved it to my computer.

This is the final outcome of my image…

Step #2: Add your tape strips using the Pixlr Editor
Go back to pixlr.com and click on “Open photo editor”.


Then open the picture that you just edited, or whatever picture that you want to add the tape
strips too.


This is the final outcome of my image…
Picture12 On the top menu bar, click on “Image” and “Canvas Size”.

Then you need to click on the CENTER box, and add an additional 100px to both the height and width
of the image.


Now you will need to open your tape strips, (which can be downloaded here)


When your strips are open, you need to select the “Crop Tool”…

…and drag it around the tape strip that you want to use, then hit “Enter” or “Return” on your
keyboard to crop it.

Then you are going to need to change to your “Selection” tool (the black arrow)…


…and click and drag the “Layer 0” onto your picture behind it (you may need to move your windows so
that you can see the picture behind it).


The tape strip will probably look really huge, just depending on the size of your picture.


So you will need to go to the menu bar, and click on “Edit” and “Free Transform”.


Now you can click on on of the Blue Corner dots, and HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT KEY on your
keyboard while you drag it smaller. Make sure to hold down the shift key, so that the tape
doesn’t get scrunched funny.

Once you have it the size that you like, you can use the rotate tool by the blue corner dots to
rotate the tape.


You can now use the “Selection” tool, to move it and place it where you want it.


Next, if you want more than one strip of tape, you can click on the tape layer, and drag it to the
new layer icon. This will make another tape strip, which you can then move to the spot you want and
you can do an “Edit”, “Free Transform” to rotate it too.

If you want your tape strips to be slightly transparent, like some tapes. You can click on the
layer and then click on the bottom left icon. There you can change the opacity to something
semi-transparent, but you may not even want to do this step :)

You can see the difference here between the 2 strips.
After you change the transparency of the next strip, all there is left is to save it!



There you have it :)
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you are interested in learning more about DIY Blog Design, I
have 5.5 Hour course on Blogger Blog Design, in it, we use pixlr.com, so you don’t need any fancy


The course is $99, but I would love to offer all of FPTFY readers a $25 discount! Click HERE
for more info on the course, and for the discount use the promo code: FPTFY
Thank you Keren for letting me share with everyone! Happy Cute Blogging!


The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Psalm 27:1

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  1. Holly says:

    Ooo! Thank you Keren and Carolynn! I want to learn how to do this sort of thing so bad! I was about in tears yesterday just trying to put words on a photo! Ha-ha! ♥

  2. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODNESS!!!!!! this is so WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are just so AWESOME to take the time to make this for everyone!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! you really rock!!! I am going to share this with my readers tomrrow!!! : ) hugs and thanks!!!!

  3. Lindsey Cruz says:

    Awesome! Love this guest post :) Going to start following Carolynn’s blog now. You guys are great <3

  4. fani says:

    Hey very nice tutorial but I have a question …. the tape that insert can not to display throughout but cut because there is under the photo background to make it smaller to put tape. I do not know if I felt I was with you but I better because I do not know English.

  5. This is super cool and I’m so close to making it work but when I open the tapes my picture file disappears. I can’t figure out how to get both files open at the same time. Any tips??

  6. Yay! I don’t know what I did but I got it to work. So fun. Now I need to learn how to make my own tape strips. Thanks so much for this tutorial. Super helpful!

  7. Annika says:

    Thank you, this is so cool. I have always wondered how to do that!

  8. Martika says:

    I like it somuch this post
    Kisses from Brasil!!!

    Adoro seu blog!

  9. Nikki Hilton says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!

  10. MD Yusuf says:

    These are great, thanks

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