5 Ways to Add Lovely Lace to Your Wedding

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Ever since the Royal Wedding and Kate Middleton’s gorgeous wedding dress, lace has become a trend growing in popularity. Once thought of to be traditional and old world, today the beautiful fabric has been given new life with modern twists. Check out these ways to incorporate lace into your wedding, adding a romantic, vintage touch.

The Dress

Whether you choose a dress completely lined in lace, that features lace appliques, or a lace illusion neckline and sleeves like Kate Middleton, lace wedding dresses are definitely in.

The Envelopes

You’ve probably seen lace style invitations before but these envelopes take it a step further. Etsy is a great place to look for creative, handmade items like this.

The Cake

Fabric inspired wedding cakes incorporate an element of texture into the design. Add unique, romantic elegance by having some or all of the layers delicately covered in a lace print.

The Tables

Instead of spending a ton of money on fancy linens or tables, think about dressing up a simple table with a lace runner. Sometimes less is more!

The Decor

If you like to craft and DIY, there are a lot of projects using lace such as these beautiful luminarias. The glow of the bags is made even more beautiful by the doilies, creating the perfect ambience for a wedding. Check out this how-to guide if you want to take a crack at making them yourself.

What do you think about the growing lace trend? Would you incorporate it into your wedding or is it too traditional?

About the author: Priti Patel is a writer with a love for all things weddings and beautiful. She hopes to use her experiences as a bridesmaid to one day plan her own wedding.

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    I can’t get over those envelopes, amazing!

  2. Lovely ideas. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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