Tea For Two And Two For Tea!

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Just poppin’ in real quick today!
Tons & tons to do with just a little time before Christmas day :)
wanted to share this little tea mat i made with another
just-too-cute vintage image … from my bloggy bestie
Keren from Free Pretty Things for You ♥
When i saw this graphic in her shop this idea popped in my head :)
(a small problem i have)
this little tea mat was for my girlfriend’s daughter a few weeks ago, for Christmas
i think she loved it … i think i love it too! anyone wanna have a tea party??
(i may have secretly played with it before i packed it up in the basket)
there are no directions since it’s easy enough to do with basic sewing knowledge
or even hot glue, felt and some pinking shears!

Would love to have you over for a cup of tea and share some more pictures of this
pretty vintage project!

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  1. Wow…the creativity is flowing over here at Free Pretty Things For You!!!!! This is so precious…I just adore it! Jaime rocked this project and every little and big girl every where would love to have tea at this table! By the way…the tin teapot and cup…AWESOME!!!!! Thanks for sharing…it just keeps getting cuter and cuter over here : ) HUGS…much love and a very wonderful and loving Christmas Eve to you all!

  2. donna says:

    Oh my gosh that is so cute. LOVE it!
    Merry Christmas and may you have a Blessed New Year.
    Many Hugs

  3. malia says:

    What a sweet idea… my 7 year old and her pals would love to join this adorable party! Wonderful idea Jamie and lovely art, Keren! Thank you both!

  4. JaneEllen says:

    Looking at the mat and tea set brought back so many memories of what I had as a kid and my two daughters.
    I kept my tea set for when I’d have kids and had two girls 10 yrs. apart. (Have two boys between). The graphics are so sweet and adorable.
    I seem to be steeping in memories lately, must be the season.
    I haven’t had a chance lately to peruse the free graphics you offer so generously and kindly. I hope you know what an immense help that is. So much easier to know where I can find a great graphic image when I need one.
    Then to hope I have enough ink in my printer to print them out. This time of year I use even more ink than usual but don’t have money to buy cartridges. This is 2nd. month in a row for 5 week month (5 wks between SS paydays) and we have another one from Dec. to Jan. Groan. Will have to figure out how I’ll spend my big cost of living raise, (wow I get a whole $11 and they raised the medicare premium again). As people have said, being old isn’t for sissies or people that like to eat more regularly. lol

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