Delightful Eye Candy..

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Raising up Rubbies Pretty DIY Valentines

(click image above for heart printable)

Just having a major crush on everything over at Miss Raising up Rubies
  Simply delightful 

BTY– you can get the pretty dress garland here!

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  1. Dani says:

    Very cute I love it. Is it a freebie?

  2. malia says:

    Wonderful printable and project, Jamie! Looks perfect on FPTFY, Keren!

  3. This is just too cute for words! I am telling you my friend…it’s good thing that I am not diabetic because I would be on SWEETNESS OVERLOAD!!!!!! You and Miss Ruby are precious! Sending hugs and love! You ROCK!

  4. Sü Smith says:

    Oh my goodness! Simply ADORABLE!! You gals are the best!

  5. Caldene says:

    I just Looooooove this website, many blessings for your business!

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