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Free Sewing Kit Clip Art Elements :
2016-06-24 14:25:39


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My friend Jess (whom I adore) recently introduced me to a blog, that has me completely smitten! How in the world did I not know about it?! I blame my addiction to making freebies and taking care of my family. Those are valid reasons, right?  But really.. there shouldn’t be any kind of excuse of why this blog hasn’t been apart of my life! I mean, look at all the insanely gorgeous eye candy and ideas it has! And just so you know these are just the tip of the crafty iceberg :)


click on each image!



DIY-Fresh-Flower-Honeycomb-DecorIf you also, have been under a rock and never been to Studio DIY, do yourself a favor and go!  Like right now! I promise you wont be disappointed :)

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  1. JaneEllen says:

    You were kidding about the eye candy, wow, what a lot of incredible stuff on there . Will need awhile to look at most of it, let alone all of it. Nice of you to recommend her blog. Hope you had a great weekend.
    Have a great week, don’t work too hard ok, love your blog.

  2. Ashlee says:

    What a fantastic blog! Her party diy’s are so adorable! Thanks so much for sharing! Apparently I have been under a rock too ;)

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