Hello Doll Free 2 inch printable circles with Chouxchoux Paper Art!

Hello Everyone! Lori Here from ChouxChoux Paper Art! Keren and I collaborating once more to bring you some wonderful freebies plus a project for some eye candy and inspiration!

My mom loves paper dolls – don’t you, Mom? She has very fond memories of playing with them as a kid and she has enjoyed collecting them as an adult. Mom’s birthday was in April and I made a special card reminiscent of a paper doll dress for my dad to give to Mom.

Daddy always asks me to make a card for Mom. He slipped me a note when we had lunch reminding me that he needed one. That same day, Keren  sent me these adorable Hello Doll circles. It seemed like a match made in heaven!
For all the sweet details on this  project and to download the pink version hop on over to my place!

Click HERE to download the teal version directly!

I also have a lovely little giveaway that will end on Wednesday May 7 2014! See you there!





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  1. Maryann says:

    Thanks soooo much for these cutie dolls here, they´re just sooo gorgeous and perfect for a little girls card, and your design with these dollstuff is brilliant too.

  2. Lisa Hall says:

    This card is just beyond adorable! Love the cute doll graphics also! Thanks so much for the great freebies!

  3. JanLee says:

    I love that your dad asks you to make a card for him to give to your Mom! And this a beautiful one to give! I love it!

  4. anna says:

    Thank you for the print outs. Those little girls actually came from a sewing pattern from the 50s for a toni doll. That was one of the dresses you could make. Just wanted to share that tidbit if anyone who downloads these wanted to make the project to look like it came from that era.


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