14 Fancy Butterfly Clip Art

14 Fancy Butterfly Clip Art

in , , on May 3, 2021

Butterfly Clip Art

About This Digital Collection:

Limited Time Freebie Download: This gorgeous Butterfly Clip Art collection is available to everyone for a limited time only! 

Download until Monday, May 10, 2021 – After this date – this collection will go into our Vault Collection and only Premium Member will have access to it.

Use it to create dazzling designs, like:

  • Planner images
  • Calendars
  • Digital stickers
  • Social media images
  • Web images
  • Printables
  • Flyers
  • and more!

Butterfly Clip Art Collection


14 Fancy Butterfly Clip Art

What’s Included?

Ready for more Free Clip Art Collections? 

Compatible with?

Jpeg files can be used with any photo editing program.
Which one would I Recommend?

You can Read About my Favorite Editing Program for beginners and professionals Here and nope it’s not photoshop or photoshop elements.

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Butterfly Clip Art Download



Please note: This collection became a Premium Member Vault Collection on May 15, 2021


ANN at 6:40 am

I keep going round in circles logging in then trying to download the freebie and being sent back to the start to register again………. what am I doing wrong?

FreePrettyThings at 11:38 am

Hi Ann.. I see you left this comment at 6:40 am but then I see in my records you downloaded it at 6:42am

If you need any more assistance please let me know! :)

CARMEN CARMEN at 3:08 am

Grazie!! sono bellissime queste farfalle

FreePrettyThings at 3:12 am

Benvenuta! :)


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