Become a Face Painting Superstar!
A Foolproof Step by Step Guide of Essential Tips & Techniques to Help You Master Advanced Face Painting Techniques Quickly, to Start Generating Income Faster and Easier with:  


Who is This Guide For?

• Anyone Looking to Making $$$ or be a Blessings to Their Community

• College or Highschool Students

• Stay at Home Moms/Dads

• Volunteers

• Fundraisers

• Retirees

• What if you could start creating magical designs like these that brought instant Joy to ALL AGES and instant Income to your pocket, in no time at all?!

You CAN and this guide will get you there – FAST!

Why Get Started?

• NO Artistic or Prior Skill Required! 

• Produces Immediate Gratification
for You and Your Client 

• Teaches You a Fun and Profitable
new skill Set 

• Affordable to get Started 

• Be a BLESSING to your Community!! 

Where Can You Provide Your New Face Painting Talent?

• Birthdays 

• Festivals/Fairs 

• Fundraising Events 

• Church/VBS 

• Homeschool Events

• Homeless Shelters 

This Guide was carefully crafted, outlined and curated to give you the fastest quality results! It’s like having me take you by the hand and guiding you step by step it also includes extra FREE PRINTABLE templates for you to practice at your convenience.

• With my Free Templates, you will be able to practice and master the most crucial brush strokes for you to advanced from amateur to professional in no time! Over a $45 value in Printables Templates included in this guide for FREE.

What Are Others Saying?

Leslie W.
Leslie W.Waynesville, NC
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"Keren's e-book opened my eyes to face painting as a rewarding hobby and potential business. Her recommendations on what to buy and where to start save both time and money. Also, the little princesses in your life will love the results!" Her enthusiasm for face painting and her heart for providing valuable content to us (her followers) shines through in this straight forward e-book that starts at beginner level and builds momentum towards more complicated and impressive looks. It's like having a face painting expert and BFF right there holding your hand as get you started!"