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Keren here :)

I wanted to personally thank you for choosing to be part of my beautiful community that I treasure so much. 

My hope for YOU is that whatever you’re facing in this unpredictable, hard, scary world – is that when you come to my site .. you can be reminded that there is still beauty and goodness and you should surround yourself with it as much as possible…So… in turn, YOU could be a blessing and an encourager to others.

One way to be an encourager and blessing to others is by taking the time to create something specifically for them! Here is where all my digital craft goods come in handy!

You could create so many things with them, for example:

  • Printing out my digital papers and making handmade or a digital card
  • Design a pretty graphic and adding to a shirt, mug, hat, hoodie, keychain, tote, and so on
  • Designing a Scrapbooking layout of a special memory you shared together

Things you could make for yourself:

  • Planner images
  • Custom calendars
  • Bible journaling cards
  • Wall Art
  • Tags
  • Labels

For more amazing ideas please visit:

• 137+ Ultimate ways to use scrapbooking paper

• 55+ Ways to Use Digital Paper

• 65+ Best Free Graphic Sites

May all the colors and beautiful Free designs bring a smile to your face and extra joy to your day!

A little more about Free Pretty Things For You (FPTFY):

Random Things About Me:

  • Even though I don’t look it –  I am Salvadorain and was born in The City of San Salvador – Raised in Southern Cali – Currently an Appalachian Mountain Gal!
  • And even though I am %100 Latina I have horrible rhythm and can’t dance 💃😕 😅
  • I love Chili Lime Flaming Hot Cheetos 
  • I could have a hot bowl of soup even on the hottest of summer days
  • My husband will tell you that he only watches “When Calls the Heart” to make me happy.. but I can tell you .. he secretly enjoys it and is  #TeamLucas 😂 (update: he’s a happy #heartie now that Mr. Bouchard won her heart) 😎
  • Speaking of my husband –  I don’t talk about it much here due to the heartbreaking nature of it .. but .. he is actually terminally ill and my little girl and I are learning how to treasure each day/trying to make every moment count – Trusting Yeshua (Jesus) every step of the way
  • I love teaching others how to overcome their Fear and Anxiety/Depression
  • When I started FPTFY back in 2010 I had absolutely no idea how to use digital images or even less how to create them
  • My next goal is to create easy-to-follow graphic design tutorials for anyone to learn how easy it is to use pretty graphics! 



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