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Our Website is currently Divided into Two Freebie Sections:

Another important thing you should know is that our site is currently divided into two sections .. Our Home Page Download Freebies via our Membership option like the video above explains and our Blog Post and Freebies.

Before switching to this new current theme, we used to distribute our freebies via our Blog.

We are slowly transferring all of our In-house blog freebies to our Home Page Download section.. but until then you are more than welcome to download them directly without having to go through our membership system.

The only Freebies we would ever post on the Blog section will be future featured freebies from other sites.

Most of the Freebies on the Blog side of our site will eventually be transferred to the Home Page Freebie section.  Please note that from here on forward ALL New In-house Freebies will be added to the HOME Freebie Section. ALL Featured Freebies from other sites will be added to the BLOG Freebie section.

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