Vintage Inspired DIY Floral Plate

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One of my “Dream Home” dreams, is to one day have a whole wall overflowing  with  gorgeous vintage plates that I’ve been collecting over the years. I’ve always adore the look and feel they bring to a then I though, “Wouldn’t it be lovely if I could make one myself?!”
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vintage inspired floral plate by FPTFY

And that is exactly what I did and here to show how you can too! :)
All you need is:
Mod Podge ♥ Blank Vintage Plate ($1 vintage find) ♥ Brush ♥Scissors ♥ Tissue Paper ( from the Dollar Store) ♥Printer ♥Free Floral Printables (click HERE to Download)

First, you need to print out the flowers. I printed them on Tissue Paper, because I love the thinness and transparency of it. If you have never printed on tissue paper before, you could follow this wonderful tutorial I found on YouTube!

vintage inspired floral plate by FPTFY_2

This is what your flowers should look once you have followed the printing and cutting instruction..

vintage inspired floral plate by FPTFY_3

Next, spread a thin layer of Mod Podge onto your clean pretty plate..

vintage inspired floral plate by FPTFY_4

..and carefully place and smooth your floral print on top.. While the mod podge is still wet– take a slightly wet q-tip or paper towel and carefully remove excess mod podge around the edges of the flower.

vintage inspired floral plate by FPTFY_5

And there you have it! A gorgeous vintage inspired floral plate ready to adorn any (non humid) room!
Happy Monday


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Free_Vintage_Inspired_ Florasl_by_FPTFY





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  1. Jamie says:

    Keren, I’m running out of words for these sweet gifts! Thank you sweet girl. This is right down my alley!! Hugs a million.

  2. This is such a pretty project! I have a plate that is similar to yours. I’ll have to practice with printing with tissue but I have bought images out of vintage images and made a tray with shells on it for my niece. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. How positively GORGEOUS!!!!! I love a wall of plates and then with your precious plate added to the vintage beauties…well…WOW!!!! Love the look and on white bead board…OUT OF THIS COTTAGE WORLD!!!!! Keep all of your gorgeous creations coming my friend…you are rocking them! Love to all! hugs…

  4. Nash Khan says:

    Looks so dainty and pretty! Loving it and I can tell that wall will turn out super!
    Love <3

  5. um. these pictures. yeah :)
    this is such a sweet project girl!! and it’s so so you :) vintagey cute and full of goodness ♥
    now i’m on the hunt for plain white plates!

    • FreePrettyThings says:

      Thank you my Friend! Yes! Buy as many as you can!! You can never have too many of them :)

  6. Keren…girl, this is stunning! This is a project I really want to try and your flower prints are super pretty! Love that you printed these on tissue paper too. I have never heard of doing that and I’m excited to check that out too. Love you so much girl! Thanks for chatting with me today and helping me…again. Your friendship means the world to me!

  7. Sü Smith says:

    Gorgeous! Mod Podge rocks, lolol. The tissue paper tutorial is so cool! Paper jams are no fun, so it is nice to know that others have figured out a way to avoid them.

    I can’t wait to try this! Your previous vintage rose clipart would look awesome on a plate as well.

  8. FreePrettyThings says:

    YES!!! MOD PODGE ROCKS!!! :D Where would the craft world be without it!!!
    Wasn’t that printing tutorial awesome! I’m addicted to it now!

  9. Amanda says:

    Oh, this is just so beautiful. I will just have to try this with some white plates I have hoarded in my cabinet. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  10. Lucy says:

    This is just so pretty Keren…I shared it on my FB page…xo

  11. So Adorable and Sweet!! You did an AMAZING job!!! LOVE it :)

  12. What a cute idea. I was all excited until I got to the end where it says for a non-humid room. There is no such thing where I live. [sigh]

  13. Ellya Brill says:

    So pretty!


  14. Heather says:

    These are so beautiful!!! I love it and thank you for sharing!! Hope you and your sweet family are great!! xo Heather

  15. Michelle says:

    Thanks for linking up, this is just lovely! It reminds me of something my grandma loved to make!

  16. Kelly says:

    LOVE-LOVE-LOVE!! You’re the best for all these freebies too. xo

  17. I love your plate! I have a few plates on my wall too and would love a whole wall covered as well!

    If you have a minute to spare I’d be thrilled if you could link this post up to my weekly Say G’Day Linky party which has just started. This would be a great addition!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  18. Heatherlee says:

    So cute!! I really love the printable and idea. Now I just need to find a cute plate! Thank you for sharing :)

  19. Karen Watson says:

    I love this Keren, sooo pretty! I saw this over on Mod Podge Rocks and had to pop over here and pin it right away!!


  20. Paula J says:

    Hi Keren!! Just found you via Say G’Day Saturday and am so happy I came on over! Love your blog…it truly is very pretty here :) I’m your newest G+ follower.

    I invite you to hop on over to my blog over the weekend to link up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :)


  21. txgrandma says:

    I have done a similar project in the past and I kept it for year. I just love the look of the flowers on the white plates. Thanks for the lovely flowers.

  22. Lolly Jane says:

    This plate is just so pretty we had to include it in our gorgeous floral round up! (:

    Thank you for sharing it! xo

  23. Marie says:

    Oh my gosh Keren, I have this milk glass plate hanging in my laundry room. I’m going to do this project with it!! Thank you so much for such a lovely idea. Big Hugs

  24. Lanee says:

    It’s cuteeeee.but is it water proof?

  25. Barbara says:

    How did you hang this beautiful thing!!???


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