Pretty diy vintage bed spring and test Tube

Pretty diy vintage bed spring and test Tube

in DIY, Not For Commercial Use on February 3, 2011

Pretty DIY Vintage Bed Spring and Test Tube

Have you Heard of  Kristi from LUNA and Chloe Weddings?!?!?
WELL ..I just found her about a week ago and I have SO been missing out!!
And like Kristi would Say.. I am OVER THE MOON about her and Her Blog!!
She is Always coming up with the Most FABULOUS out of the Box DIY projects you could ever Imaging.. Just take a look at what she saw in these old rusty Bed Springs!!
Update: The original blog where I found this 
DIY is no longer available :(


 Just Dreamy!
I spent a whole day just going through all her Old posts! lol
I’m a sucker for wedding blogs.
Pretty diy vintage bed spring and test Tube
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Psalm 37:11

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