Free Fonts by The Free Design Club

Free Fonts by The Free Design Club

in Free Fonts on August 25, 2019

In this post, I will be featuring a new Website and Free Fonts by The Free Design Club which giveaway new fabulous fonts every week!

With a name like Free Pretty Things For You .. you obviously can tell or already know how much I love sharing free resources! Not only my own free resources but I also love to feature other websites and artists. With that said, I am excited to introduce to you all an amazing new site called The Free Design Club!

Free Fonts by The Free Design Club

Who are The Free Design Club?

Welcome to The Free Design! A brand new website dedicated to offering a wide range of graphic design related freebies every single week. Just like this one further up the page. Whether it’s free fonts for commercial use or some beautiful illustrations for a personal project, we aim to offer the highest quality design goods available, all for FREE.

Set up in April 2019 by a small team of graphic designers, the club has already grown to over 25,000 members, each of whom enjoy a brand new unique free download every single week. Register now and get notified as soon as we launch a new download. Join the club today.

Free Fonts by The Free Design Club
Download a variety of fonts

You read correctly! The Free Design club gives away free new fonts every week Emoji Some free fonts do have a time limit so you have to download them quickly before they expire.

One of the best things about TFDC is that they giveaway a variate of styles font like:

  • Script Fonts
  • Calligraphy Fonts
  • Handwritten Fonts 
  • Chunky Fonts
  • Quirky Fonts
  • Dinosaur Fonts
  • Video Game Fonts
  • Grunge Fonts
  • Cartoon Fonts
  • Comic Fonts
  • Retro Fonts

It’s exciting to think that such a young website has so many free goodies already. I could just imagine how many more wonderful free resources they will have in the years to come!

As with any other feature, I do have to ask you to please be sure you read their terms of use and if you have any trouble downloading any resource to please contact them directly since they will be able to better help you with any troubleshooting. You can find their FAQ here and their licensing information here. Make sure to visit them soon @ As always -Happy Downloading!

P.S. You could also
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