make your own stencil

How to make your own stencil

in Cricut, DIY on November 12, 2019

Ever wondered how to make your own stencil?  In this post, I am featuring five ways on how to make your own reusable stencils!

make your own stencil


Hello Crafty Friend!

Are you a fellow Stencil Lover ???? that wants to take it one step further and learn how to create your own? Well, you are definitely in the right place today!  

But before I get started – Maybe you just landed here and you might be asking yourself – “Why would I want or need to create my own stencils??

Awesome question pretty Lady or Gent ;) 

Why? Because there are a ton of fun amazing projects you could create with stencils and maybe there is a particular or personalized design that you can’t for the life of you find in your local craft store — So what do you do?! That is where knowing how to create your own comes to your rescue!

What to Make With Stencils

If you are also wondering or thinking of what you could really create with them — here are some project ideas to get you started.

You could stencil a pattern on:

  1. Outdoor Rugs
  2. Porch Signs
  3. Place Mats
  4. Pillows
  5. Deck Floors
  6. Curtains
  7. Concrete floors
  8. Furniture
  9. Tote Bags
  10.  Cakes
  11. Cookies
  12. Latte Designs
  13. Ceilings
  14. Terracotta Pots
  15. Plates
  16. Windows
  17. Phone Cases
  18. Stairs
  19. Walls
  20. Journal/Bible Pages
  21. DIY wrapping paper
  22. Shoes
  23.  Face Painting

Using Stencils to create beautiful face painting designs is actually how I got into learning how to create my own stencils. But for you, it may be one of the examples above of why you are interested to learn ????

Make your own stencil material

When I first got started making stencils I was excited to find out you could create them with a lot of upcycled unconventional kinds of materials like: 

???? I use these 7.5 MIL blank stencil sheets from (they worked well) in the past but I am sure you can find the same quality and amount for a lower price as I did here. I am excited to try it in  4 MIL since I’ve been reading such high reviews when using it on Cricut and Silhouette machines!

make your own stencil

With all that said, I am delighted to share the video that taught me exactly how to create my very own custom face painting stencils!

1. This video opened up a whole new world in my crafting journey and I hope it does the same for you!

If the above video wasn’t enough for you — here area few more resource to help you move along your stencil making journey:



3. Make Your Own Reusable Stencil by (She used blank stencil sheets from Hobby Lobby)

4. Making stencil with the Cricut by


5. Using Cricut Stencil Vinyl To Make A Farmhouse Sign

6. Cutting Stencils by Hand 


Pretty Sparrow Image is a design I created for The Hungry Jpeg. You could download it for free HERE

I really hope all of these tutorials helped you find your style and preference on how to create your very own reusable stencils!

Having a girls craft night would be a perfect way to get started on this easy craft technique and you could show all your girlfriends something new and fun they could easily do themselves! Happy Crafting! ????????

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