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A Gift Collage

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A Gift Collage
A Gift Collage

A Gift Collage – An Excellent Gift for a Happy Occasion

Nobody ever wants to present a gift that doesn’t count or one that doesn’t properly convey the “I am thinking about you” message. There’re a million and one gift ideas flying around, but what makes a gift stand out is the thoughtfulness and the memories it gives to the recipient.

There’s usually a lot to consider when choosing gifts. You’d want to give some thought to the recipient’s taste and needs, the gift’s value, and the kind of relationship you have with the intended recipient. 

It could become time-consuming, so much that some people end up picking a random gift item because they couldn’t decide.

However, there’s an ideal gift that cuts through different occasions, ages, and purposes. No gift says, “I am thinking about you” better than a custom gift collage.

It helps to preserve your special moments by combining multiple photos into a single piece. 

Benefits of Gift Collages

It’s Personalized

A gift collage is probably the most personal and complete gift you can present. You get to define what pictures make the cut, which ones best suit the purpose you need it for and how the collage will eventually turn out. 

In the end, even if someone else decides to give another gift collage to the recipient, the chances that you’re going to have similar collages are very low. 

It Lasts Forever

It’s not edible; neither is it perishable. It’s going to remain the same way you present it for a very long time. Who really doesn’t want to give a gift that a loved one can have, forever?

A gift collage adds to Interior Décor

For the reason that it doubles as a great addition to the décor of any room, a gift collage is a perfect gift for any happy occasion!

Various Occasions Where Gift Collages Could be Relevant


Every so often, the best part of a trip is when you’re back home, and you’re looking through the photo memories you made during the trip. Hardly can you have a trip without tons of pictures!

Choose favorite photos of yourself and your family from a trip (or trips) and make them into a collage, so you keep reminiscing those moments.

If you went on the trip with your family, a friend, or a relatively large group, make copies of the memorable moments and gift it to them, so you can all share those happy memories.

No better way to say,

I had the best time on that trip with you” than a photo collage gift.

A Gift Collage

Anniversaries –Wedding, Birthdays or a Special Occasion 

We cannot remake many special moments because they happen only once –memories like the birth of a first child, birthday, or a wedding anniversary. 

A perfect way to relive those memories is to capture the special occasion, create a collage for your loved one, and gift it to them on that special day. It can always serve as a reminder of how special that moment was for you and let the memories live forever.

Life Achievements 

Do you have a child or sibling who’s graduating from college soon or a friend who just got promoted to a high position at work? An excellent way to show that you’re rooting for them is to make a collage of that achievement and give it to them as a gift. 

It can always be a reminder for them of how much the achievement means to you.

Steps to Create a Gift Collage

PosterMyWall offers a great and convenient avenue to make photo collages of any kind in 4 easy steps. They are:

Pick a Template that Suits Your Requirement

To make the best of your gift, you need to pick a professionally designed template that fits what you plan to achieve. 

PosterMyWall has templates for all kinds of collages – from family collages and travel collages to collages to dedicate friends or maybe just something with a great view that you can print out and display at home. 

These templates come in different sizes, shapes, and presets.

Add Your Photo

You can upload your photos from your device, directly add them from your Facebook albums, add from Google Drive, add from Dropbox, or add Stock Photos.

After choosing your preferred template, 

  • Delete the placeholder photos in the template by clicking on them and selecting Delete Image under the Edit Image option that pops up on the right screen. You can delete the placeholder photos one after the other.
  • Following that, click the ‘Photo’ button on the left menu column to add photos from your preferred location. 

To add photos from your device’s storage,

  • Choose ‘Add From My Photos’
  • After the photos have been added, drag and move the photos. 
  • Make use of the square blocks on each side of the photo to adjust the size.

To add directly from your Facebook album, 

  • Click Photo, and select ‘Add from Facebook’. This option requires you to log in to your Facebook account. 
  • After logging in, you will see your photo albums on the left side of the screen.
  • Choose your preferred album to show all the photos in it. 
  • Select any number of photos you wish to add to your digital collage.
  • Once the photos have been selected, use the blue ‘Add Photos’ button to add them.

A Gift Collage


Touch up Your Photos 

You can customize your photos by adding finishing touches to the layout itself.

Although this isn’t a compulsory step, however, if you want to add some aesthetic and make your collage pictures look better than they already do, you’re welcome to follow this step.

Crop Your Photo

  • Click the ‘Crop’ icon under the ‘Edit Image’ options, and select from the four options to crop your photo. 
  • When you’re done, click the blue ‘Crop’ button.

Mask Your Photo 

  • You can do this to cut away the background of your photo completely. 
  • To use this tool, select the photo, click the ‘Mask’ icon under the ‘Edit Image’ options, and zoom in with the magnifying glass to get a better view. 
  • Start clicking on the design, and create a layout by connecting joints. 
  • Click the mask icon to see a preview of your mask. 
  • Use the ‘Undo’ button below zoom to undo any mistakes. 
  • Once you’re done with your mask, click the blue ‘Mask’ button to save the results. 

You also have the choice of adding extra effects to the picture.


Save, Download, and Print!

Once you’re done, use the ‘Save‘ option in the editor to save your work. The save option can be found between the ‘Resize‘ and ‘Share‘ buttons at the blue top bar.

Download the collage after saving. 

With PosterMyWall, you have different download options depending on what you want. For a gift collage, we recommend either the Standard image or the High-res image because you’re going to print them.

  • The Standard image already removes the watermark and gives a print size up to 12 inches for $2.99. 
  • The High-res image, which is the most ideal, allows printing up to 9 ft. for $7.99.

Once you decide which one works for you, you’re all set! Go ahead and send the perfect gifts to those you love and create lasting memories!

You can create your gift collage here.

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