1. How do I Insert Text in your Images?
If you don’t have an Editing Program, you could go to PicMonkey.com! It’s  Super easy, fun and FREE!!

2. Can I use your Images In my Etsy Banner and my Etsy Avatar?
Yes, you may! As long as you don’t Sell the actual images in your products. The only images that are  Commercial Use  OK
can be found HERE ,  HERE and HERE

3. Where do you get your Images from?
I am an avid vintage ephemera collector and I use my personal Images to giveaway.

4. I have vintage images, Can I send them to you for you to use?
YES! Vintage Image Donations are ALWAYS welcome and will be link back to you!

5. What religion are you?
Christian (Baptist)

Betty at 6:47 am

Pls help. I can’t seem to download any of the free papers.

Chris at 6:29 am

I can’t Download that beautyful Flowers and Feathers for free ?

FreePrettyThings at 12:45 pm

hi there :)
the post has all the details
when you subscribe to my email.. you get access to the download link via email :)

Karen Witcher at 7:38 pm

I love all your graphics! I’m interested in making the 1″ journal clips. Where would I find the rings used around your images?

FreePrettyThings at 4:20 pm

Hi Karen :)

You could use these http://amzn.to/2bEjOpZ and just break off the loop end..

Julie Muller at 7:41 pm

So enjoying your pages of beautiful pretty things… do u do shabby chic wedding designs .. not sure what im looking for but am in wedding mode .. need ideas … julie

FreePrettyThings at 2:44 pm

thank you Julie!!! Not as of yet, that that is definitely an idea no floating min my head!!


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