137+ Ultimate ways to use scrapbooking paper

137+ Ultimate ways to use scrapbooking paper

in DIY on September 14, 2019

137+ Ultimate ways to use scrapbooking paper

In this post, I have collected 137+ ultimate ways to use scrapbooking paper For DIY home decor, parties, gifts and so much more!

137+ Ultimate ways to use scrapbooking paper

Scrapbooking Paper Transforms Any Space!

Scrapbooking Paper – Either it being physical paper or digital paper may seem insignificant to some but in reality, it is a powerful tool that can be used to improve, transform and bring much happiness to anyone it comes in contact with!

Equally important, I know from time to time our brain just gets stuck and a healthy dose of inspiration is needed to get the wheels back a turning and a churning Emoji For this reason, I’ve roundup over 105+ physical projects and crafts to show you what this marvelously delicate but sturdy material can be used for. 

Ways to use Scrapbooking Paper

The featured projects include the following inspirational examples – all created with some scrapbook paper element:

  • Fun home decor
  • Baby clothes dividers
  • Junk journals
  • Clever signs
  • DIY File Folders
  • Unique Wreaths
  • Traditional and modern scrapbooking layout
  • DIY cell phone covers
  • Paper templates
  • Smart organizational tips
  • Decoupage kitchen utensils 
  • Paper party packs
  • Pretty party lights
  • Paper beads
  • Personalized planners 

So let’s get this paper party started!

Look at the separate elements they used scrapbooking paper for:

  • Cupcake flags
  • Banner
  • giftbox
  • Napkin ring
  • Mason Jar Cover


framed scrapbook paper wall art


DIY Jornal Cover

  • Lovely Fall Leave Wreath

  • Paper Centerpiece Wraps

  • Upcycled Wall Hanger

Paper Decoration Crafts

  • Wall Patch Work

  • Paper Trees

  • Clipboard Frames

  • DIY File Folders -Video Tutorial (you could also make smaller folders like for recipe boxes)

How to Make DIY Drawer Organizers Out of Scrapbook Paper


Wow! Before starting this post I thought I had already seen everything you could possibly do with scrapbook paper – but I guess I was totally wrong! Emoji Can I just point out the personalized mailbox? Emoji Emoji Too cute and I could honestly say I would have never thought about doing that!

Printing Digital Scrapbooking Paper

If you have been following FPTFY for some time you know that one of our favorite things to giveaway is Free Digital Scrapbooking Paper! We have all kinds of digital papers perfect for projects like the ones being featured today. I will be doing a post HERE soon talking all about Digital Paper and what are the best ways to use it. 

What to do with leftover scrapbook paper

Furthermore, it is also good to remember that being a scrap paper hoarder isn’t always a bad thing! Many of these projects can be done with leftover scrapbooking paper scraps. For example, you could use leftovers for tiny paper bows, clothespins, smaller paper flowers and so on.

137+ ways to use scrapbook paper


I hope this post has help newbies and veterans alike! If you are new to the fabulous world of scrapbooking paper I hope this collection of unique and familiar projects gets you started on the right crafting path! And if you are a fellow paper expert I hope this roundup gets you excited to think up of new ways to use scrapbooking paper you might have stashed away and forgotten about. 


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