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55+ Ways to Use Digital Paper – Free Pretty Things For You

in Blog Tips on August 14, 2020

Today I will be answering your question on how to use digital scrapbooking paper properly and over 55 Ways to Use Digital Paper!

Ways to Use Digital Paper

One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked is:

Hey Keren! I just love all the free pretty things you giveaway! I especially love all the gorgeous digital papers you offer but how do you use them? or how does digital scrapbook paper work?

I am here to address that million-dollar question! I hope when you are done reading this post your mind will spinning with endless possibilities on how to use this little treasure I love to design! 

Whatever you want to call it: Digital Paper, Digital Scrapbooking Paper, Digipaper, Digital Backgrounds, etc. is one of the foundations of design.

Without premade digital paper it would be a pain and not as much fun to get started creating beautiful and essential digital/printing projects.

In other words- premade DigiPaper is a total timesaver when it comes to your design projects!

What is Digital Paper?

Digital Paper is usually a 12″x12″ digital jpeg file (or in other words digital graphic) that is made up of a pattern or appealing image. Designers design them in thousands of different kinds of looks and themes to fit their audience needs and usually come in a pack or collection.

Examples of Digital Papers:
Ways to Use Digital Paper

Want to download the above examples? Visit the following links:

How to Download Digital Scrapbooking Paper?

Digital scrapbooking paper collections usually come in zip files
To unzip my FPTFY zip files or any other zip files I use a free program called WinRar 

If you find this a little bit confusing – don’t be shy to ask a family member to show you exactly what to do with the kind of system your computer or tablet runs on. Once you have it down, it will become second nature to you.

Here is a video to visually show you how I download and extract zip files (I am on a PC running on windows 10 on a Chrome Browser)

Please note:
1. Every system and browsers will look slightly different, but the concept and final goal are the same.
2. The only step the video below doesn’t show is – what folder all my zip files get saved to. All my zip files get “saved” to my default Downloads Folder. I have to make sure after I extract the zip files  .. I go to my Downloads folder and clean it out (meaning deleting the zip file I don’t need anymore to my recycle bin, then emptying out my recycle bin)

Now that you know how to download digital papers and ways to use digital paper.

What can you create with Digital Paper?

55 Ways to Use Digital Paper

Here are 55+ things you could design with digital paper backgrounds and ways to use digital paper
(each picture is linked to its original source)

1. Wall Art Prints

Digital Paper was used inside the New Jersey state and also the grey wood background is digital paper.

2. Birthday Cards (digital or for print)

Rainbow digital glitter paper was used for the unicorn body

3. Greeting cards

A beautiful palm tree leaves digipaper is used in this free printable birthday cards

4. Thank you cards

This thank you card used a magical galaxy star-filled digital paper background.

5. Holiday Cards

The designer used a fun red-wood digital paper for this pretty Christmas card

6. Sympathy Cards

7. Birthday Invitations (digital or for print)

8. Baby shower invitations

9. Graduation Invitations

10. Wedding Invitations

11. Wedding Signs

This gorgeous wedding favor sign used a rich deep brown wood digital paper background

12. Printable Games

The black lace used in this game printable is a pretty digital paper

13. Printable Envelopes

Pretty vintage roses and stripe digital paper was used to design these printable envelopes

14. Wedding party Decor

15. Printable Party Decor

16. Cupcake Toppers

17. Selfie Frames

A pretty peach and confetti background was sued to design this fun selfie frame

18. Name Place cards

19. Favor Tags

20. Name tags

A sweet floral pattern digital papers were sued to create these colorful printable name tags

21. Labels

22. Hang Tags

23. Bunting Banners

A cute basic black dot pattern Digipaper was sued to bring this printable  bunting to life

24. Printable stationery

25. Note Cards

26. Junk Journal Pages

Stunning vintage-inspired rose digital paper was used to design these printable junk journal pages

27. Journal Covers

28. E-book covers

You could also use lovely bokeh digital paper to create professional-looking ebook covers

29. Business Cards

Digital papers are used often by designers to create striking business cards

30. Logos

Digital papers can be sued in logos like the purple watercolor circle and “inside” the text “thank you and grow”

31. Etsy Banners

32. Web Banners

33. Facebook Covers

The realistic watercolor grey horizontal digital paper was used as the background for this pretty Facebook and Etsy set.

34. Pinterest Templates

I used one of my pretty floral digital papers to create this Pinterest Tower Image

55+ Ways to Use Digital Paper

35. Instagram Templates

36. Cash Envelopes

Fun colorful floral digital papers were used to design this essential cash envelope

37. Planner Images

38. Junk journal tabs

Lovely floral digital papers were used to design these pretty tabs that could be used in many kinds of projects

39. Printable Stickers

Beautiful digital papers were used to create the stunning planner images

40. Calendars

41. Habit Trackers

42. Checklists

43. Trackers

44. Meal Planners

45. Recipe cards

46. Cleaning Printables

This pretty cleaning checklist was created with a fun flamingo and tropical leaf digital paper

47. Learning Printables

48. Flashcards

49. Phone Wallpapers

50. Tablet Wallpapers

51. Desktop Wallpapers

You could create fun and fresh desktop wallpapers like this happy lemon background

52. Digital Journaling

53. Digital Washi Tape

54. Photo Templates

55. Mockup Background

The light grey wood background is a digital paper being used in this product image mockup

56. Wrapping Paper

If you love this roundup.. Take a look at my 137+ ways to use scrapbooking paper! You can get even more unique ideas on how to use the digital paper you have printed out in actual crafting and DIY projects. The main thing you have to remember when you are using Digital Paper that you have printed out is to make sure you use a laser printer for mod podge projects or at least test your inject paper design to see if the ink will get runny before you start your project.

Now that you have some wonderful inspiration the next step to start creating amazing designs with digital paper is you will need to decide what digital editing software you are going to use.

There are may software and editing websites to choose from.
The following is a list of:

The most popular photo design Editor programs

  • Photoshop Elements (this is the best software to get you started off on the right foot in my opinion) 
  • Affinity Photo (I wrote about it in my Best Photoshop Alternative article)
  • Photoshop (This is the one I use – it is and desktop and table cloud app-based software)
  • Gimp
  • Paint – getpaint.net

My Favorite photo design Web-based Editor

  • Fixthephoto.com/free-photoshop-alternative.html

Most Popular Tablet Photo Editors

  • Affinity Designer app
  • Photoshop app
  • Procreate app

Machine Cutting Photo Editors

How to print digital scrapbooking paper?

This video shows a very basic and instant way to print 12×12 paper on and 8.5×11.

A more precise way to print would be for you to manually resize the paper to exactly the size you need and then print it.

My Favorite Printer to Save Ink

You might be thinking:  “Won’t printing digital paper drain my ink cartridges?”

To be completely transparent .. I don’t ever think about buying expensive ink cartridges or running out of ink anymore.

If you are a crafter, homeschooler or just a person that goes through ink cartridges like nobody’s business .. you should really look into getting a printer that has refillable “tanks”

I personally use an Epson EcoTank ( this is not a sponsored post — I just really love my eco tank 😍)

I’ve had my printer for almost 3 years and have only purchased ink twice. Which is crazy if you think about how much I print 😅  

I hope you have enjoyed this roundup! In another course, I will be teaching you how to properly use digital paper in actual photoshop or on your iPad.

Happy crafting!

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