♥Freebie Image: Apricot Vintage Beauty Printable/Post Frame♥

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Is it just me, or is Apricot one of the yummiest colors out there!
I Love anything Apricot!
The Fruit, the Smell, the way you could combine it with So many other colors and it looks perfectly beautiful..
This little Lady here made my day…
May she bring a smile to your pretty face today too!
Vintage Lable freebie  single

Click here to DL Original Single size
This IS a Printable but you could also re-size it and use it to make your own  Pretty Post Announcements.


Vintage freebie Frame Im having a giveaway  1
Here is a Premade announcements you could use when hosting a Giveaway!
click here to DL premade giveaway announcement
Vintage Lable freebie Page 1
click here to DL multiple Printable Page.. Enjoy!!

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Matt 7:24 kjv

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  1. Shore Girl says:

    How pretty – thank you for sharing!

  2. Devonay says:

    So cute! I love it! Thanks!!

  3. My Vintage Mending says:

    Good grief each freebie is cuter than the last. Is that possible? Apron posted today over at UCreate and wouldn't you know my name was pulled for the prize. Thanks for the push…and the freebie. These are perfect for Easter! Smiles…Renee

  4. Alli says:

    I just discovered your blog and I have to say it is the best blog I've seen yet. Thanks for such beautiful images! I can't wait to use them. And I will most definitely give you a shout out any time I use them.

  5. Holly- Girls At Heart says:

    Cute! Thanks! And that blue eyed baby graphic next to your "custom work" is adorable! ♥

  6. K @ Aurora Blythe says:

    You do such lovely work! Thank you for the wonderful freebies! Such a blessing =)

  7. Cindy says:

    Very pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  8. malia says:

    SO pretty Keren… as always! Thank you…

  9. Home and Heart says:

    These are darling Keren! Bless your generous heart!! I PROMISE I WILL get you your scans!! I am SOOOOooo behind!!

  10. ♥ Miss Tea says:

    so pretty!! you're so talented and i love your blog so much! I'm your newest follower! Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Susan

  11. Kelly says:

    LOVE theses!!! Thank you! I'm now following! http://runwithglitter.blogspot.com/

  12. Renee says:

    Hi, I love this site, such beautiful items, and they remind me so much of my childhood. I am trying to use one of your free templates and am trying to no avail to add text to it. I have tried using Piknik, but I cant seem to get the text to fit in properly. Is there any suggestions you could give me. Thanks, Renee

  13. Free Pretty Things For You says:

    Hi Renee..
    On picnik you just re-size and move the text around until your happy with the result.
    im not sure why it isn't letting you fit the text properly :(
    Im sorry

  14. Betsy J says:

    I would probably pick "happy talk" although I doubt I can pull that yellow off :) Thanks for the AWESOME giveaway!

  15. Monica says:

    I like the look of the gal here, in a sort of Southern Belle motif. Cute!

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