free floral Dark wooden DigiPapers

6 Free Floral Dark Wood DigiPapers

in , , , on November 2, 2020

Floral Dark Wood DigiPapers

About This Digital Collection:

Since you all loved these light wood digital papers so much, I wanted to design a new set and came up with this beautiful collection of 6 Floral Dark Wood DigiPapers for you to enjoy! 

Use these for: 

  • Flyers
  • Web announcements
  • Scrapbooking layouts
  • Invitations
  • Envelope liners
  • Tags
  • Calendars
  • Planner images
  • and more!

What’s Included?

Ready For More Free Scrapbooking Paper?

Compatible with?

Jpeg files can be used with any photo editing program.
Which one would I Recommend?

You can Read About my Favorite Editing Program for beginners and professionals Here and nope it’s not photoshop or photoshop elements.

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  • How do I  Download Your Freebies?
  • Can you help me  Unzip Zip files?
  • Help! How do I use Digital Papers, Graphics, Fonts?
  • and more important information!

Free Floral Dark Wood DigiPapers Download

free floral Dark wooden DigiPapers

Instant Download Here

auntie em at 6:17 am

Thank you! I love the wood grain papers and this set with the flowers stenciled on look so pretty.

FreePrettyThings at 2:41 pm

Thank you auntie em!!😍🤗

Bev at 12:00 am

Love the freebies! thanks so much. :)

FreePrettyThings at 12:18 am

So happy you do! Enjoy!

Andrea at 5:43 am

Still can not believe how much you give us for free!
And the quality of the products are superb. Thank you so much for giving us all the freebies and sharing your talent with us all. Keep safe, well & healthy. X X
AndreaH from Brighton UK.

Marilyn at 8:49 am

These floral dark paper are gorgeous. There are sooooooooooooo, many things I can think to do with these! There is a sample of one with a “beautiful person” quote on it. Does that come with a separate set? Thank you for this gift! Happy New Year to you and yours!

FreePrettyThings at 6:50 pm

Hi Marily,
Thank you :) so happy you like them so much!
no.. that was just an example I made for the post… ill re create it again and upload it soon :)

Anonymous at 8:27 am

These are the best. You are truly a blessing and thank you for all your kindness!!

FreePrettyThings at 10:33 pm

ThANK YOU!!! And you so very welcome!! It’s my pleasure!!


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