Free Cottage Style Digital Chalkboards

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Free Vintage Little Girl- So Cute!

Free Vintage Little Girl:
2016-08-25 22:13:27


Free Variety Pack Habit Tracker Planner Stickers!

Habit Tracker: Hey Lovelies! Before we get into
2016-08-23 19:01:24


DIY Planner Clips: Watercolor Peonies!

DIY Planner Clips:
2016-08-21 13:49:04


Shabby blogs Digital Chalkboard 2 web ex

Cottage Style Frames + Chalkboard Paint = A Match Made in Heaven!
You could do so many things with them! And not to mention you have a multiple of colors to choose from :)

FPTFY Digital Chalkboard 5

FPTFY Digital Chalkboard 2

FPTFY Digital Chalkboard 1 web ex
Love’em? Gotta have’em?  Click here to get’em!

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7 Responses to “Free Cottage Style Digital Chalkboards”

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  1. Jess says:

    Keren…these are lovely. So proud of you sweet friend for your wonderful talents! Love you girl!

  2. Sü Smith says:

    Oh my goodness I am squealing. They are soo soo cute! yay :o)

  3. Um….AWESOME TIMES FOUR!!!!! Loooooooooooooooooooooooove these and adore the colors! They are picture perfect just like you!!!! Sending hugs!!!!! Love to all! : )

  4. Karin R. says:

    Thank you! Love, love, love. :-)

  5. Jolene says:

    Am I completely missing the place where I can follow you via email? I’d love to if I can! Thanks.

  6. Milita says:

    These are beyond adorable. Trying to use the aqua one with my header image on my blog. Thanks for sharing

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