♥ Sneak Attack Giveaway with Sugar Pink Boutique! ♥ Closed!!

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Welcome to a Special Sneak Attack Giveaway Sponsored by the Gorgeous

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Giveaway CLOSED
Sneak Attack
Giveaway will end TODAY at 6 pm Eastern Time!!
To Enter this Special Giveaway

1. Visit Sugar Pink Boutique

Search through all her Beautiful Goodies
Come back here and leave a comment with your Favorite product link(s)
and Your Email to be able to reach you if you win!

The winner will win a $20 credit to her gorgeous shop!
1 comment per person!


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53 Responses to “♥ Sneak Attack Giveaway with Sugar Pink Boutique! ♥ Closed!!”

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  1. I love all the trims at Sugar Pink but I also adore all Cath Kidston stuff too. I want the label stickers at this url: http://sugarpinkboutique.com/item_643/Cath-Kidston-Roll-Of-Stickers-And-Labels.htm

    Thanks, Katharine

  2. Sarah Jane says:

    What a lovely giveaway! Have just finished looking through this pretty shop and would choose the Cath Kidston Roll of Stickers and Labels (http://sugarpinkboutique.com/item_643/Cath-Kidston-Roll-Of-Stickers-And-Labels.htm)

    My email is fleurchantille (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thanks for the chance!
    Sarah x

  3. I know what I would want! I love the 6 bouquets of forget me nots! Adorable store!

  4. Hello, Keren! Now I remember that THIS is where I first heard Jennifer’s shop! Dare I win again???

    I love all Jennifer’s trims but especially the pom poms like these:


    Thanks for a chance to win! ♥

  5. Stephanie Miller says:

    I have some of these adorable millinery flowers from Sugar Pink Boutique and I just love using them to embellish my vintage-inspired hair accessories!!!!

  6. bc says:

    Wow, how fun is her stuff?! I’ll be frequenting her site plenty. Love the French-styled ribbon. (of course, then there was the shabby trim, the itty bitty pom pom trim, the snowflake trim…..) French-styled ribbon. Final answer.

  7. Pamela Vollmer says:

    WOW!!! Love it all ~ especially the Aqua Blue Tissue Garland Festooning Fringe!!! Great way to add a big impact on a card without adding bulk to the envelope!!! Also, loving that color especially with red! Thanks!

  8. Denise says:

    Love all of the things she has but especially this one: http://sugarpinkboutique.com/item_599/Candy-Color-Beaded-Garland.htm I have a minature tree that is wanting this for Christmas this coming year :) It told me so…really!

  9. Helen McKinney says:

    Oh my, such pink and mint green goodness…. I’m going to start with the Ice Cream Flavors of seam binding, silky ribbon, then onto the Baby Pom Pom trim in mint and ballet pink. I just love the beautiful colors, and I’ve been looking for the wired pom pom trim.. so glad to see you have it. Thanks

  10. Tara Eman says:

    I love EVERYTHING, but I am dying to get some Candylights!!!

  11. Nancy Carr says:

    Where do I start with favorites at Sugar Pink Botique. The trim, the cupcake liners, the cupcake dcorations, the raspberry beads, the ribbons and espeically the sheer ribbon with the rosettes, the beautiful light bulbs. What a great resource for beautiful items. Love everything. Great giveaway and I enjoy your blog. Thank you. Blessings [email protected]

  12. Bev says:

    So many sweet items in her shop. I have purchased fabric from her in the past and it is awesome. If selected I would ♥ to win: http://sugarpinkboutique.com/item_622/6-Lovely-Vintage-Style-Forget-Me-Not-Bouquets.htm. I sure hope I did not skip any of the dashes and did not get any underscores instead of dashes. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome prize!!

  13. Sandra Van Der Heijden says:

    OMG!!! I want these so much!!! http://sugarpinkboutique.com/item_315/Bubblegum-Pink-Swirly-7-Watt-Bulb.htm
    Love them!!!

  14. jenni says:

    There isn’t anything I don’t love. Probably my favorite is the german glass glitter, which I have purchased from her before! What a lovely little store she has! Thanks for the give-away!

  15. Liz says:

    It is almost impossible to choose just one item from her shop as they are all my favorites! I do love the Cath Kidtson stickers and labels, but I think I’m going to have to go with the polka-dot shabby chic fabric: http://sugarpinkboutique.com/item_624/Shabby-Chic-Blue-Polka-Dot-Floral-Fat-Quarter-Bundle.htm

  16. I am currently working on a funky chandelier for my craft room & I would SO love to have some of the sugar coated bulbs!!! They are beautiful! http://sugarpinkboutique.com/item_35/Candylights-Cotton-Candy-Aqua-Sugar-Coated-5-Watt-Light-Bulb.htm


  17. tina says:

    oh wow – just visited her shop and wow – so much yummy eye candy. My favorites are a toss up between the german glitter & the forget-me-nots…can’t pick between the 2. but if I must it would be the flowers http://sugarpinkboutique.com/item_622/6-Lovely-Vintage-Style-Forget-Me-Not-Bouquets.htm

    What a fun give-away – keeping my fingers crossed.

    have a great Monday

  18. misti d. says:

    oh my tasty wow! everything looks yummy….literally! i would love to get some of those to cute and funky lights. my daughters would love to have some in their bedrooms:)
    thanks for the fun giveaway.

  19. Marlene says:

    So many beautiful things. Some of my favorite things are the berry beads, glass glitter, satin roses, crystal pins, okay I love them all. Thank you for this giveaway.

  20. Dorothy says:

    I would love the candy color beaded garland! Thanks for the giveaway,

  21. Labbie1 says:

    Hard to decide but I don’t have any lights for Halloween or Autumn so the Halloween strand lights
    the Autumn lights

    They would be great around our camper awning! :)

    Thanks for hosting!


  22. Karien says:

    I agree it is very hard to choose a favourite and everything does look yummy! Thanks for the change to win!
    I adore the Pom-pom trims…..loved to have all the colours that are available!

  23. Laurie says:

    Wow — it is so hard to choose but I am always a sucker for the vintage style forget-me-not bundles! http://sugarpinkboutique.com/item_428/Forget-Me-Not-Blueberries-and-Cream-Flower-Bouquet.htm

  24. says:

    thank you for the giveaway, I don’t know if I’m still in time and if it is open internationally… I hope so, I’m Italien :)
    I try, if not, please don’t consider my comment!
    I really love Sugar Pink Boutique and I love this beautiful scented bulbs: http://sugarpinkboutique.com/item_629/Candylights-SCENTED-Candy-Cane-Light-Strand.htm
    too cute!!

  25. Cindy says:

    First thank you for an amazing giveaway. I love evrything and anything pink. So I would have tp say some pink ribbon with the pom poms I can use that bto decoarte my cake plates. Such a wonderful site
    Thank you again

  26. Tam says:

    Thanks much for the lovely giveaway. I just adore everything so it was hard to choose.. But my favorite would have to be the Cath Kidston sticker labels.. Love them!!! http://sugarpinkboutique.com/item_643/Cath-Kidston-Roll-Of-Stickers-And-Labels.htm


  27. joy rutherford says:

    Oh my, I have to choose just ONE of my favorites? I am a ribbon fanatic, so I suppose the Grab Bag of Sugar Pink Boutique Ribbons and Trims would fit me to a “T” Thanks!

  28. COMMDEspain says:

    Oh gosh!….Did you see the Citrus Mix Berry Beads?… one can’t decide Whether to eat it or use it! , come and see it!

  29. Sheri-Lynn Keller Apthorp says:

    I love everything so much so it was so hard to pick my favorite, but this is one item that I totally adore and hope to have in my clutches! :)

    Thank you for always making my day with the posts of all your pretties!



  30. Michelle says:

    Beautiful! Everything is just gorgeous! My favorite is Candylights Bubblegum Pink 5 Watt Light Bulb
    They look like fun!

  31. Renee says:

    The forget me not flowers are my absolute favorite!, especially the spring mix bouquet. They remind me of doing crafts when I was little and we had all sorts of little flowers to use.

  32. Scrappyrat says:

    I want to *live* inside Sugar Pink Boutique. I can’t pick just one thing I like best, so I’m going with these because they’re new, I think, since I last visited and I love them:

    Beautiful stuff!

  33. All the dangling pom pom trim & Candy Lights of course:)

  34. Susan Krauss says:

    LOVE the Glittered lollipop Embellishments!!!! I don’t know how to link them to here, though! : (

  35. Bonnie Avila says:

    I love the little cupcakes to use on scrapbooking pages and hair things for little girls. I haven’t been able to buy anything from there as I’m raising 4 grandchildren but I’m sure hoping to one day soon, everything is so sweet looking.

  36. Dana Smith says:

    I loved all the ribbons…but I really loved the shabby chic floral clothes pins! those are really cool!
    thank you for the opportunity,


  37. kelly beamer says:

    So very hard to just pick one thing!!! From the bulbs, beads, fringe and embellishments, oh boy!!!!

  38. Josie says:

    OMG so much to choose from. I love all the swirly lights my favorite are the Spring strand and the Surf n’ Sand for summer on my mantel! The german glitter to die for. I loved it all!

  39. pat griffith says:

    the pink hearts ribbon won my heart today

  40. Amie says:


    All of her products are great but I particularly love the festooning garland in my favorite color…pink!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  41. fonda rush says:

    i love this new flower: http://sugarpinkboutique.com/item_409/Ivory-Shabby-Chic-Frayed-Flower-Trim.htm rush88888 at gmail dot com

  42. Tiffany says:

    Oh I Love EVERYTHING in there and I want it ALL!! But for now my fav is the shabby pink roses fat quarter bundle! I know just what I would make with those!…. a ipad cover, a zipper pouch, a hand bag, a iphone case, a craft apron and lots more! http://sugarpinkboutique.com/item_621/Shabby-Chic-Blue-and-Pink-Roses-Fat-Quarter-Bundle.htm

  43. Cyndy Jones says:

    I Love the Blueberry berry beads! http://sugarpinkboutique.com/item_137/Blueberry-Berry-Beads.htm
    Why have I not seen this store before!! Going back for seconds now :)

  44. Christa says:

    I love the aqua and white chevron twill ribbon! Oh and the floral clothes pins!

  45. Melissa Beran says:

    http://sugarpinkboutique.com/item_585/Miniature-Pastel-Easter-Bulb-Garland.htm I LOVE this website! All of the pastel colored trims, papers, etc. I’ll definitely be back.

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