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in Not For Commercial Use on July 24, 2010
Have you all heard of Project Wonderful??
Its an advertising and Publishing source that makes the process easy for bloggers.
Well easier than anything else i have found.
I’m still getting used to it but, if you want to get your feet wet in the world of advertising, its a neat place to start .. some people like it and some people don’t.. I’m like in the Middle right now.
But anyways..
through it i found this delicious little etsy shop called Bride Blu that sell pretty little things :)
I’m in love with the
ANABELLE milky turquoise rough cut crystal necklace and the matching earrings!
what do you think?
I love the color and the imperfectness of it.. very shabby chic if you ask me ;)

etsy feature
I’m off to my nephew 1st birthday!!

what are you up to this weekend?

The Lord is Good and His Mercies endure Forever!

Psalm 100:5

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