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Nov 6th Update.. POWER IS BACK!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

*Update* Our Sweet Andrea is still WITHOUT Power– Earliest date they can give her is the 10th! :( Lets Hope and Pray it’s much sooner than that!She will be giving her own personal update here, when all is restored– And to all you kindhearted Angels out there that opened your sweet hearts– I don’t think you will ever know what a TRUE Blessing You have been! Your Generosity has been overwhelming!


The destruction left behind by Hurricane Sandy has touched one of our own. Many of you know Andrea from The Cottage Market She is a wonderful woman who has been a great friend to many of us here in blogland. She lives in New Jersey and has been hit very hard by this terrible storm. Her and her husband, children and her beloved Fur Babies have been left without power for 2 days now. Food in the fridge has now gone bad.  They have no means of heat. She can not work on her etsy store, all post offices are still closed therefore cannot mail past orders  in a timely fashion. This disasters storm is hurting her and all her loved ones very hard physically, financially, and emotionally.

But, lucky for her, that is where we come in. Now we have a chance to be the good friend to her that she has been to us and our blogs. It’s time for us to be her angels and show her we are with her and how much we care. Even if you may not know Andrea and her family and would just like to be a blessing and help a precious family in need. Free Pretty Things For You is asking that we all become angels and help send hope and relief to Andrea and her family. The donations have already started and we thank you so much. It does not matter if you only want to donate $0.50 or you want to donate $50. Every little bit helps.

We are trying to raise enough money to help Andrea and her family to buy food, bottled water, GAS, candles, just anything to will help them survive until they can restore power. Estimates say it could take as long as a week for the power to be turned back on and they have no where else to go. Free Pretty Things is calling on all who want to help this family in need.

Andrea and her family have no clue we are doing this. She has no power. She has access to a cell phone but no way to charge it. She uses it only for emergencies and to assure friends and family they are hanging in there. Truth is, she may get a little embarrassed that we are doing this because she is such a selfless person.. ALWAYS  thinking of and Helping Others. But, this storm has truly affected her and her family and they need help. You will not find a sweeter person than Andrea. She is a wonderful lady and you would be such an blessing helping out such a wonderful family.

We have already started receiving donations from friends and strangers alike. GOD bless you. We thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Every last cent helps. It doesn’t matter how much you give. Just the fact that you helped someone in need.

All gifts can be sent directly to her paypal: [email protected]


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  1. Renee says:

    Thank you for letting us know…Be well Andrea…smiles..Renee

  2. I have been so concerned about her, not having heard anything in days … thanks so much for the information. Mary

  3. praying for you and your family … much love is with you Andrea! ♥

  4. Heather says:

    Thank you for letting us know Keren!! Praying for Andrea and her family!! xo Heather

  5. Thank you so much for posting this for Andrea you’re a precious friend. She said she would call me when the lights went out but now I understand why I haven’t heard from her. We have been so worried and praying for her. I will pass this along to others. I hope the Lord will put it on people’s hearts to take this time to donate and help their family and others alike. Some of us have so much and some of us have so little but I can guarantee you whatever you give from the heart the Lord will bless. God bless you Andrea and your precious family and fur babies. Remember you are not alone, we are all here for you but most of all Jesus is here for you. Big Hugs, Jennifer

  6. Nancy Carr says:

    Thank you for letting us know about Andrea. She sent me a gift from Junkin Joe’s treasure hunting recently. I sent her something through Paypal and so glad I can help. You are an angel for letting us know about this. I appreciate you and Andrea and both your blogs. Please let us know of updates on this wonderful family. Peace and Blessings, Rev. Dr. Nancy Carr, Vieques, Puerto Rico

  7. Connie says:

    Thinking of you Andrea! Thank you for letting us know Karen!!
    Connie from Sadieloohoo

  8. Jill says:

    Andrea and her family have been in our prayers since Sandy rolled through. This is a wonderful way to help! I’d like to suggest one thing – if anyone sends a donation through PayPal, you can mark it as a gift and she won’t have to pay any fees for receiving the money. Use the “personal” tab, then choose “gift”.
    I hope we hear from her soon… ::Jill

  9. Sharon Kornfield says:

    thanks for this opportunity to directly help someone who has been so impacted by Sandy

  10. says:

    I donated what I could to Andrea via paypal just now and added the button to the post I made tonight. Wow, I’m going to keep on praying and praying for Andrea and her family.

  11. Michelle @ A Pinch of Prim says:

    W.O.W Keren, you are an awesome friend, SUCH a nice thing you’re doing for Andrea. She’s an awesome person and I’m praying for her. I pray she gets her power back asap. Thank you for the update and the chance to help out such a sweet family!!

  12. Melanie says:

    I have been spreading the word too Keren. Andrea is an angel with an invisible set of wings. She deserves only the best that life has to offer. I hope that power is restored to the family home ASAP so they can warm up and get back to a normal life again.
    Tell her I love her if you happen to get messages to her and I am thinking of her every minute. Blessings to you for organising this wonderful opportunity for her to get back on her feet xo

  13. Monika says:

    I have known Andrea forever, a selfless, loving , caring person. She deserves nothing but the best.
    Love that girl, praying and blessings for her family and her furbabys.

    Alex and Samatha were folding their paws too this morning- my furbabys – she knows them well.

    Will do the best I can, lots of love and hugs to Andrea and her family. Monika

  14. alisha says:

    I sent her a gift via paypal, only wish it could be more! please tell her we love her and are praying for her and her family!

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