Free Critter Autumn Planner Stickers and Clip Art!

Free Critter Autumn Planner Stickers and Clip Art: Here are some more adorable fall critter images, for you to play around with! As Always.. they are big enough for your scrapbooking projects or for any 8.5×11 projects or smaller carfts. They are also available  as planner stickers as seen below.   •To download the large clipart […]

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Free Cute Autumn Animal Clip Art and Planner Stickers!

Free Cute Autumn Animal Clip Art: Since fall is literally around the corner I wanted to share these adorable Autumn digital elements! They are perfect for digital scrapbooking or other fun digital projects For you convenience I have also downsized them to fit perfectly in your planners! You’re Welcome :) To download the large version of these printables click […]

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Free Variety Pack Habit Tracker Planner Stickers!

Habit Tracker: Hey Lovelies! Before we get into today’s freebie, I wanted to share a gorgeous rustic forest watercolor florals and antlers collection from Larysa Zabrotskaya! Her style is just up our alley and I knew you would appreciate  her delicate creations! So pretty, right?!  I knew you would like :) And now, for today’s freebie! As we already know…Habit […]

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Blossom Delight Planner Addict Printable Collection!

Blossom Delight Planner Addict Printable Collection: Hello Lovelies!! Please forgive the absence!  Summer has been calling our names and still not sure how to balance out everything.. but I am trying :)  Soooo.. to make it up to you all, I spent all day yesterday and today creating this gorgeous 5 page Blossom Delight Planner Sticker […]

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Free Rose Planner Stickers

Free Rose Planner Stickers: Hey Lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend :) Today, I have for you another lovely set of planner stickers! This weeks theme has a hint of vintage rose flair and colored distressed wood! To use, just print on sticker paper! This collection is also perfect for smaller personal […]

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Shine Planner Printables by BeaYOUtiful Planning- Gorgeous!

Planner Printables : Hey Planner Girls! Some stunning planner printables for you from BeaYOUtiful planning created with my Dream on Dreamer digital paper! Miss Stephanie has tons of gorgeous  planner freebies just in case you haven’t seen them! She creates them to fit both the HP and EC, plus she also includes personal size that can be […]

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Birdie Crush Free Mini Planner Pritnables

Free Mini Planner Pritnables: This is a sweet Birdie Crush Mini Planner Addict Printable Collection available directly for download! As I was creating the my latest pretty birdie collage sheet.. I kept thinking what an adorable sticker collection they would make for planners! I didn’t have time to create a full collection.. but since the colors are so […]

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Free Planner Printables: Anemone Blush

Free planner printables: Hi, Lovelies! I have another gorgeous exclusive freebie for you today! As you can see they are planner printables created with beautiful Anemone Blush watercolor clip art! Since this is an exclusive freebie, it is only available via email.. if you’re not a subscriber yet.. just add your email on my sidebar on […]

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Free Planner Addict Printable Stickers- Roses and Feathers

Free Planner Addict Printable Stickers:   Well hello, lovelies!! I hope you all had a most wonderful Mother’s Day!! Today, I have for you one absolutely stunning freebie! I call it my “Rustic Roses and Feathers” Collection and to tell you the truth .. I’m pretty much drooling over every single little detail! This is […]

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Erin Condren: Gorgeous Free Planner Addict Stickers!

Erin Condren:   Hello Ladies! I’m starting a new section here at FPTFY called Planner Addicts and today I am featuring this absolutely gorgeous collection of free planner stickers by Dru Cortez of! When I saw these.. my heart just stopped for a moment and mouth began to drool over all the  paper yumminess she has […]

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